Inventing a Chocolate Bar on Roald Dahl Day

Year 2 chose Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as our focus on Roald Dahl Day last Friday. Of course, it was the chocolate that they were interested in! Year 2 became scientists for the day and designed and made their own chocolate lolly. After deciding which ingredients they would like, the children measured and mixed their recipe and left it to set in the fridge. The classroom smelled delicious all day (I think the melted chocolate and peppermint oil were the pervasive scents).

Hot-seating Elliot the Midnight Superhero

The children were absolutely brilliant in our drama activities last week. Some of them chose to dress up as the Superhero (Elliot) in our story as they assumed the role of the main character. With great dramatic flair, and much laughter, the children asked and answered the questions that they had written for Elliot. Can you work out who our superheroes really are?