Chicken Cam 2021

The eggs have arrived in our classroom. We expect most of those that are going to hatch will hatch tomorrow. It might be worth checking the webcam (by clicking on the play button below) before bed and first thing in the morning to see if any are hatching.

Pizza Parlour!

Year 2 were so disappointed when Pizza Express cancelled our school trip (due to COVID19 restrictions) that, to my shock horror, I heard myself saying, “Don’t worry, we’ll make pizzas at school instead!” This Tuesday lunchtime, I transformed the Year 2 classroom into a pizza parlour and during the afternoon, I helped make 30 pizzas… I couldn’t leave Year 1 out when they are next door! We had great fun and the smells coming out of the classroom made everyone’s stomachs gurgle. I even remembered to take some photos to share with you all.

Making Story Sticks and Telling Stories

We had a lovely time at forest school last Tuesday making story sticks. When the children had finished, they used their story sticks to help them to tell their own stories to the rest of the class. Beautiful sticks everyone and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your exciting and original stories! Here are some photos for you to enjoy: