Visiting the RNLI

This morning a very excited key stage 1 descended upon the RNLI station in Hastings. Upon arrival at 9:15am, the children climbed the stairs to the education room and watched and listened intently to Ken, hearing stories of rescues at sea and learning about what it means to be a RNLI volunteer. Ken then took us around the rest of the station and showed us the lifeboats and tractors. The children then had a drink and a snack and played in Pelham Place playground before we returned to school in time for lunch.


KS1 Sing a Summer Song

Mrs Hazell: Good morning everyone! 🙂

KS1 (chanting): Good morning Mrs Hazell.

Mrs Hazell: Lovely to see all your smiling faces this morning. So then, what do you think the weather will be like today?

KS1 (giggling):


Blue Skies (Today Will Be Hot), by Out of the Ark.



Day at the Beach

Finally the weather was a little kinder and Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 made it to the beach. It was with great excitement that the children, laden with nets, buckets and spades descended upon the beach.

Year 2 took the first minibus run and, after setting up base, went off to explore the surrounding area. The children quickly identified many of the seaside features that we have been learning about in class and were amazed at the layers of rock in the cliffs, but perhaps a little disappointed that lessons for the day did not include abseiling!

After a drink and a biscuit we set of to explore the rock pools. Nets and buckets were put to great use and were filled with all-sorts. Although, interesting conversations ensued around a lobster pot, the sea anemones, a starfish and the crabs, it was the small shark that became the highlight of the day!

After lunch, many of the children settled down to build sandcastles and play in the sand. Miss Blau created quite a stir as she unpacked her kites and the children took turns to fly them. Others chose to play a little further up the beach, digging around in the stones.

As a rather sandy Reception started to flag and took the first minibus run back to school, Year 2 took a walk up the hill to play in the playground. I think our little ones will sleep soundly tonight after an exciting day on the beach. 🙂