QuadBlogging – Our First QuadBlogging network (Quad85)

Our blog is going to be part of a QuadBlogging network next half term. This means that we can enjoy looking at, reading and commenting on other school blogs from all around the world, and they can, in-turn, enjoy looking at, reading and writing comments about the wonderful activities we’ve been doing.

Here’s how it will work:

In week 1 (3rd June 2013), we will invite three other schools to our blog. With a little luck we will have all sorts of exciting things for them to see, possibly even some newly hatching ducklings via the duckcam (live Wednesday-Friday)!



In week 2 (10th June 2013), we will all look at and comment on Mr. Ball’s class blog from Decoy Primary School, Devon. Mr. Ball has been running his Year 1 blog since September 2011 and there are many exciting posts, topics and activities for us all to enjoy reading about.



In week 3 (17th June 2013), we are so lucky to be able to share in the experiences of Mrs Cassidy and her class from George Street Normal School in New Zealand. It will be really exciting to communicate with a class on the other side of the world.



Finally, in week 4 (24th June 2013) we will be looking at Mrs Jackson’s year 1/2 class from Humberside UK. Mrs. Jackson’s class have already posted some lovely videos that we will enjoy watching.