Celebrating the Chinese New Year

All the children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One celebrated Chinese New Year last week. Our celebrations culminated with a celebratory assembly on Monday this week, where the children showed examples of their work, shared facts about the festival and sang and played Chinese music. I was particularly impressed with the Key Stage One children in our assembly as they sang and played the accompaniment to our dragon song on hand bells, ocarinas and symbols. It was the Year one’s first performance on their ocarinas, as they only started to learn to play this term!

We had such great fun that the children asked if we could visit the nursery again to share our music with them. The nursery loved our song and watched with wide eyes as the 5-7 year olds showed the little ones their instruments and let them have a go. The 3-4 year olds were delighted to see their friends again and were beautifully behaved. The second time through, they joined in with the actions of our song.

Sharing Dragon Stories with the Younger Children

This term, Year 2 have been writing dragon stories for the reception and nursery children. This week, the children finished their wonderful creations and we visited the reception class yesterday and the nursery today so the children could share the fabulous books they had made. The Year 2 children told me they were a bit nervous at first: they were anxious that the little ones might find their stories too scary! The reception and nursery children loved to buddy up with the Year 2 children and were very excited and complementary about the books the children had made. All the children were incredibly well behaved and the little ones sat and listened beautifully! Well done Year 2- I’m very impressed with your work.

Year 5 French Sandwich Instructions

There was much laughter in Year Five’s French lesson today as the children chose their ingredients and wrote out instructions for ‘A Funny Sandwich’. When they finished their work, the children read their instructions to me and I followed them exactly. There was only a few children that said “No! Stop! Can I go and change it please?”

With some rather unusual choices of ingredients (such as chocolate spread, banana and crisps) I was surprised that none of the sandwiches found their way to the bin!

I was very pleased with the children’s written work and pronunciation when giving their instructions.

Year 5- Did you enjoy your sandwich? What did you put in yours?