Science Experiments

This term, Year 2 have enjoyed a range of scientific experiments to find out more about different materials and how they can be changed. As part of their learning, children have practised making predictions, thinking about how to make sure that an experiment is fair and looking critically at results. I thought you might like to see a few photos from the children’s two favourite experiments. The first was a practical demonstration of how sugar dissolves in hot water. The children were amazed at the rainbow colours the skittles made as the sugar dissolved and released the food colouring into the water. The second was our experiment to see whether the temperature of the fluid affected the way that the sugar dissolved. Obviously, since it was the last week of term, we had to use cold, warm and hot chocolate as our fluid! The children want to reassure you all that skittles taste just as good without colourings and that you can still taste the marshmallows after they have dissolved in the hot chocolate: they don’t just disappear!

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