Year 2 Visit Pizza Express

On Tuesday, Year 2 visited Pizza Express in Eastbourne. The children had a fabulous time making their own pizzas and learning about all about the ingredients that they had used. Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed eating their pizzas at lunchtime. We hope you enjoy our photos! What was your favourite part of the day, Year 2?

Year 2 Visit to Pizza Express

We popped out in the minibus for an hour this morning to Pizza Express in Hastings to find out about where foods come from, to sample some of the more unusual foods that Pizza Express use for pizza toppings and to make pizzas for our lunch! I wasn’t surprised that the sun-dried tomatoes were not … Read more

Year 2 Visit to Bexhill Museum

Year 2 spent the morning at Bexhill museum today as part of our local history study. After a talk about the first British motor racing event that took place in 1902, the children completed a history trail, looking at artefacts around the museum. We just had time for a quick picnic and play in Egerton … Read more