Year 3 Sing the Days Of the Week in French

This week, Year 3 are learning the days of the week in French. We changed the words to ‘Camptown Races’ to help us to learn the vocabulary. After singing the song through many, many times, the children were ready to sing it in a round of four parts. The children assure me that they will never ever forget their French days of the week!

Year 4 French: Describing People

Year 4 worked so hard in French this term that they finished their topic two weeks early. They asked if they could use the two remaining weeks of term to learn and record a French song for the blog. They worked really hard to put this together. 🙂

Here you go, Year 4! 🙂


Goodbye Year 6: A KS1 Blessing

All the pupils and staff in Key Stage One would like to wish everyone a long and lazy summer. We wish those that are travelling, safe journeys and happy holidays where all your dreams come true.

Goodbye Year 6, we will miss you! We wish you a future full of fun. Take our friendship with you where ever you may go and pass it on to others and let the seeds of friendship grow.