Pancake Day Celebrations

The children were very excited about pancake day this year! We decided to celebrate the occasion by holding a pancake race. After watching Key Stage 2 at break time, Key Stage 1 and Reception held their own inter-house pancake day race. This week, we have learned about the Christian story behind Shrove Tuesday and in … Read morePancake Day Celebrations

Grouping and Changing Materials (in the words of Year 2!)

One of the things we have learned about this week is irreversible and reversible changes. We made pancakes, toast and popcorn, which were irreversible changes because we cooked them and couldn’t turn them back. We also melted ice, frozen squash, butter and chocolate, which were reversible changes because they could go back in the freezer … Read moreGrouping and Changing Materials (in the words of Year 2!)