Beach School

Key Stage One and Reception had a lovely time at the beach this week. After collecting and identifying shells and other objects on the beach, the children competed to see which team could build the best sandcastle. We then explored the rock pools and shared and identified the sea creatures that we found. Before we returned to school, we even managed to squeeze in a picnic. Thank goodness the rain held off!

KS1 Trip to Drusillas Zoo Park

Years one and two had a wonderful time at Drusillas today. The children studied the animals in the park, attended an educational session (run by James and Hayley) and even managed to squeeze in some time to play before we had to return to school. Year 2 had an absolutely fantastic lesson in the education centre, all about minibeasts. The children learned all about exoskeletons, invertebrates and different classes of minibeasts. We handled a variety of artefacts (preserved scorpions, tarantula skins, cased butterflies  a wasp nest and goggles that showed them how a fly’s vision works) and live animals (a Madagascan Hissing cockroach, a Giant African millipede and a Giant African land snail). The children were so well behaved that we were allowed to stroke something cute and furry (a meerkat) at the end of our session as a special treat! Year 2 asked a range of intelligent questions both in our session and as we studied the other animals in the zoo. The children were all brilliantly well behaved, enthusiastic and attentive and I was, as always, incredibly proud of them.

Returning the Chicks to Middle Farm

Year 2 tell me that they had the best time ever at Middle Farm yesterday! When we arrived, Robin met us and took us to return our chicks to their brothers and sisters. After a quick pit stop (it’s incredible how frequently six and seven year old children need to eat), we had a guided tour of the farm, including small animal handling and feeding the lambs. After lunch, the children had some time to play in the playgrounds and the hay barn before it was time to watch the cows being milked. It was absolutely fascinating to hear the farmers talk all about the animals and how to care for them, to see the day to day running of a working farm and hear about the produce created at Middle Farm. I was very proud of our impeccably well-behaved class, as always. Thanks for a lovely day out Year 2!

Year 2, what was the best or most surprising thing that you learned on our trip to Middle Farm? Please comment below.