The Chicks Have Been Born!

The last two chicks hatched last night so we arrived at school to find that we have 5 chicks this year. After moving them all across to the brooder, we needed to wait for them to get used to their new home and have some food and a drink before we could hold them.

It was with great excitement that the children all had a chance to hold one of our chicks after breaktime today. The children were extremely sensible and careful with the newborns and many of the chicks fell asleep in their hands.

The children have also named their chicks:

1. Fluffy (the predominantly black Scotts Grey)

2. Blossom (the black and yellow Scotts Grey)

3. Freddy (the largest brown Mixed Pekin)

4. Twinkle (the smaller brown Mixed Pekin)

5. Tutti Frutti (the yellow and brown Mixed Pekin)

Year 2, which one did you hold today? Did you like holding your chick?


Highlights of our Flight Topic

Earlier in our topic this term, we spent some time learning about early attempts at flight. We looked briefly at kites, birds and watched some very funny video clips of people  attempting to copy these ideas.

We then moved on to look at the Mongolfier Brothers’ first manned balloon flight in 1783 and set off a sky lantern on the school playground.

Moving our attention to airships, we used the iPod touches to design our own flying machines in the Field of Dreams on the Bad Piggies app. The children took great delight in trying to fly their machines through the level, popping balloons and dropping sandbags from their creations to control the height of their creation.

We followed this up with a whole class session using 3 helium balloons attached to a box, which we filled with plastic coins until we managed to get the forces to balance and our balloons to hover around the room. Children took turns to blow the balloons to try to get them to different areas of the room. At the end of the lesson we took out a couple of pennies and left the balloons on the ceiling. The children made some predictions, based on previous experience, as to what would happen by morning. They were delighted to find to balloon box back on the floor in the morning. Great theories and discussions ensued!

Of course, as we turned our attention to gliders, we had to make and test paper aeroplanes, and this led naturally to learning all about the Wright Brothers and their first flights.

After a quick flick through pictures of how aeroplanes developed over the next 100 years and discussions about how the wars sparked this rapid development, we turned our attention to the early space explorations.

Obviously, the 1969 moon landing became our focus next and, inspired by this, some fantastic literature and our own building and launching of rockets on the school field, the children wrote entries into a Space Blog of their own adventures in Space.

The children and I have really enjoyed the topic and have pondered and explored some really good questions about our solar system and our galaxy.

We’re off to the playground now with our inflatable planets and the sun… I think the children will enjoy trying to recreate the movements of the planets and their moons around our sun. 🙂

What was your favourite part of our topic Year 2?