The Chicks Have Been Born!

5.0 01 The last two chicks hatched last night so we arrived at school to find that we have 5 chicks this year. After moving them all across to the brooder, we needed to wait for them to get used to their new home and have some food and a drink before we could hold … Read moreThe Chicks Have Been Born!

Highlights of our Flight Topic

5.0 04 Earlier in our topic this term, we spent some time learning about early attempts at flight. We looked briefly at kites, birds and watched some very funny video clips of people  attempting to copy these ideas. We then moved on to look at the Mongolfier Brothers’ first manned balloon flight in 1783 and set … Read moreHighlights of our Flight Topic

Make a Wish!

5.0 01 Year two have just finished making their wishing wells. We hope that you like them. 🙂 What did you enjoy the most, Year 2? Tweet