London’s Burning

We’re approaching the end of our topic on the Great Fire of London and would like to share some of our learning with you! Below are some photos of display that the Year 2 made. Around the outside of the artwork, are the booklets the children created with facts that they have learned (both in … Read moreLondon’s Burning

Ocarina Performances at the Summer Soirée

Year 2 were invited to perform on their ocarinas at the Summer Soirée this year. It was lovely to have so many parents, friends and relatives there to support the children. The children chose their favourite songs from all those that we have learned this year and were full of ideas as to how we … Read moreOcarina Performances at the Summer Soirée

Magnificent Minibeasts: Year 2 Assembly

Learning about minibeasts has been great fun. Today Year 2 took the whole school assembly to share some of the work that we have done and the things that we have learned. The children introduced the assembly, then read out their poems that they wrote last week about a minibeast hunt they had in the … Read moreMagnificent Minibeasts: Year 2 Assembly