Year 2 Superhero Comic Strips

As part of our superheroes topic, this week the Year 2s created a number story and turned their story into a comic strip. We had great fun using the comic life 3 app on the iPads. We hope that you enjoy reading our comic strips as much as we enjoyed making them!


Today Year 2 were learning about the famous artist Eva Rothschild and looking at her fantastic modern sculptures. We decided to make some sculptures of our own using some of her ideas and had a competition to see who could build the tallest one!

Creating Comic Strips in Maths and Computing

After much fun, Year 2 are proud to present their comic strips presenting real life mathematical problems. The children created their own mathematical stories and then organised the photos and comic layout that they would like. The children worked in pairs to use the comic life 3 ap on the iPads to create their comic strips.
I certainly do appear to have a class of superheroes!
Year 2, what was your favourite part of our superhero topic this half term?