The Beach Trip

Thank goodness the heavy rain didn’t arrive yesterday while Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were at the beach! Although it was overcast and a little blustery in the morning, by the afternoon the sun had come out and it was very pleasant.

When Key Stage One arrived at the beach, their first job was to make a line of stones at the edge of the water, so that we could monitor the tide. The children then had some free play time in the sand.

About 11am, while Reception stayed to play a little longer, Year 1 went for a short walk to explore the flaura, fauna and cliffs and Year 2 walked to the site of The Amsterdam to find out more about the shipwreck.

After lunch back at our base, the children went off in their groups to explore the rock pools. This left a little time for free play and kite flying before it was time to return to school. As usual, Year 2 took the last minibus journey and used the extra time to take a brisk walk up to the playground.

We had a lovely timeĀ and hope you enjoy this selection of photos taken on the day.