Learning to Sew

5.0 03 This term, Year 2 have been learning about different ways of joining fabrics as part of their topic on making puppets. Last week the children practised the different stitches and created fairy tale character bookmarks. This week the children have made a glove puppet from a kit so that they have experienced the … Read moreLearning to Sew

The Beach Trip

5.0 03 Thank goodness the heavy rain didn’t arrive yesterday while Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were at the beach! Although it was overcast and a little blustery in the morning, by the afternoon the sun had come out and it was very pleasant. When Key Stage One arrived at the beach, their first … Read moreThe Beach Trip

Magic Box Poetry

5.0 02 Wow! The children have excelled themselves this week with their poetry writing. We have been looking at Kit Wright’s poem “The Magic Box” and the children were brimming with ideas for their own magic box. I am so proud of how far their literacy has come on this year! Well done Year 2. … Read moreMagic Box Poetry