MacMillan Coffee Morning

It was lovely to see so many parents at our MacMillan Coffee morning today. The children were very excited and happy to perform the autumnal songs and their very first ocarina piece. I couldn’t have been prouder of the children, after just 3 weeks of term! Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were word perfect and very attentive through the whole performance. I was particularly pleased with Reception, so brave to join us in the performance after just a few weeks of school. It was also wonderful to see the Year 2s play their ocarinas after just a few lessons. I guess I’d best start getting our nativity ready now!

Thank You Letters to Pizza Express

The day after our trip to pizza express, we were learning about how to structure a letter in our English lesson. The children all wrote a letter to the staff at Pizza Express to say thank you and we nipped across the road to post them in the post box! It’s always interesting to discuss with the children what happens to letters after we post them.

Year Two Day Trip to Hastings

As part of our topic this term, Key Stage One enjoyed a day out in Hastings. On Tuesday morning we parked in Rock-a-Nore and walked past, and discussed  the fishing huts and fishing boats on the way to the Lifeboat Station. Since Year Two have been studying local history this term, there was a great deal of excitement to see cave entrances in the East and West Hill cliffs and much conversation about smugglers ensued! The children were also pleased to see the funicular railways and the miniature train that runs along the seafront.

Upon our arrival at the RNLI Lifeboat Station, Mike greeted us and took us upstairs to the educational room to show us a video of sea and river rescues and tell us all about the amazing work that the RNLI do every day. Some of the children decided that they would like to be real-life superheroes with the RNLI when they grow up. Following a brief dress up session, the children were given a tour of the Lifeboat Station and found out more about the vessels that our Hastings Lifeboat Station currently uses.

Next the children stopped for lunch and a playtime in the Pelham Place Play Space. Although we started our lunch on the nearby picnic tables, we had to move as the seagulls decided to help themselves to our lunch!

After lunch, we spent the afternoon in the Blue Reef Aquarium. I was very pleased with Year Two as they impressed the other visitors with their knowledge of the sea creatures. Over the last week, Year Two have been learning about some of the amazing creatures housed by the Blue Reef Aquarium and have independently researched a marine animal. The children were very excited to find and identify the animal that they had found out more about and share their knowledge with the rest of the class and other members of the public that had decided to join our unofficial tour! We were also lucky enough to take part in the reptile handing session, where the children were able to stroke a millipede and watch the ocean feed take place in the big tank. The children were fascinated to stand amongst the sharks and other marine creatures in the underwater sea tunnel.

Everyone was very well-behaved and the weather was beautiful!

Well done Year 2.