Forest School- Making Stick Men

Today Year 1 and 2 enjoyed making stick men as part of forest school. They started the session by reading Julia Donaldson’s story “Stick Man”. After the story, the children went outside to play some forest school games and collected the things that theywould need to make their own stick men. The children had some fabulous ideas about how to make their stick men. They also used various techniques to join their materials together, including glue, string and pipe cleaners! At the end of the session the children came up with lots of ideas that they could use a stick for. My favourite was, “to make a stick man!”

Returning the Chicks to Middle Farm

Year 2 tell me that they had the best time ever at Middle Farm yesterday! When we arrived, Robin met us and took us to return our chicks to their brothers and sisters. After a quick pit stop (it’s incredible how frequently six and seven year old children need to eat), we had a guided tour of the farm, including small animal handling and feeding the lambs. After lunch, the children had some time to play in the playgrounds and the hay barn before it was time to watch the cows being milked. It was absolutely fascinating to hear the farmers talk all about the animals and how to care for them, to see the day to day running of a working farm and hear about the produce created at Middle Farm. I was very proud of our impeccably well-behaved class, as always. Thanks for a lovely day out Year 2!

Year 2, what was the best or most surprising thing that you learned on our trip to Middle Farm? Please comment below.

Reflecting on our Time with the Chicks

Everyone from nursery to Year 6 has been involved in looking after our eggs and chicks over the last few weeks. We have learned so much about caring for animals as well as life cycles and characteristics of living things. Here are some of my favourite photos. I have taken hundreds! We hope that you enjoy them.