Reflecting on our Time with the Chicks

Everyone from nursery to Year 6 has been involved in looking after our eggs and chicks over the last few weeks. We have learned so much about caring for animals as well as life cycles and characteristics of living things. Here are some of my favourite photos. I have taken hundreds! We hope that you enjoy them.

Goodbye Chicks

It was with heavy hearts that the children waved goodbye to the chicks today as they left our classroom to return to Middle Farm. The chicks have been a large part of school life for the last 2 weeks. Every child, from age 2 to age 11, has had the opportunity to hold one (or more!) of the chicks and Year 2 have lived and breathed chicks for the duration!

Everyone has enjoyed their time with the chicks and it always amazes me how much the children can learn in such a short period of time. As a result of our conversations about how to look after the chicks, Year 2 have even started to work on an assembly based around animal rights and how to look after our pets that they will share with the whole school in a few weeks.

Here are some of our favourite photos that have not yet made it onto the blog. I’ve also included a few pieces of their writing this week.

What did you learn, Year 2?

What was your favourite aspect of hatching chicks in the classroom?

The Chicks Have Been Born!

The last two chicks hatched last night so we arrived at school to find that we have 5 chicks this year. After moving them all across to the brooder, we needed to wait for them to get used to their new home and have some food and a drink before we could hold them.

It was with great excitement that the children all had a chance to hold one of our chicks after breaktime today. The children were extremely sensible and careful with the newborns and many of the chicks fell asleep in their hands.

The children have also named their chicks:

1. Fluffy (the predominantly black Scotts Grey)

2. Blossom (the black and yellow Scotts Grey)

3. Freddy (the largest brown Mixed Pekin)

4. Twinkle (the smaller brown Mixed Pekin)

5. Tutti Frutti (the yellow and brown Mixed Pekin)

Year 2, which one did you hold today? Did you like holding your chick?