Our Chicks Have Hatched!

Wow- what an exciting few days! As many of you will know, our first chick (named Tigger by the Year 2s) hatched at 4:50pm on Tuesday. Four more chicks hatched yesterday: Caramel, Banana, Cheepy and Lemon. This morning we moved our new-borns into the brooder and they all seem pretty content! I have posted the videos below for you to enjoy. It makes me smile every time I watch them as I remember the excitement and happiness of the watching children. It makes it all so worthwhile!

Chicken Cam 2019

Watch our chicks hatch by clicking on the live webcam feed below!

Our first chick hatched today at 4:50pm much to the excitement of onlooking staff, students and parents! Watch the video below to see the action…

Happy Birthday Chicks

As we arrived at school this morning, we were delighted to discover that two of our chicks have hatched. The children are singing happy birthday to the chicks and are very excited. Our room has been bustling with visitors from across the school!

This is a video of our newly hatched chicks:

Here is the time lapse footage of the chicks hatching from last night: