Treasure Hunt

Yesterday afternoon, in Geography the children completed a treasure hunt around the school grounds. It was with great excitement that the children used the grid references and bird’s eye view of the school to locate and solve the clues. When the children had discovered the hidden word, they received the final clue that enabled them to work together to use the map to locate the treasure. Year 2 applied their geographical knowledge excellently and took a lot of exercise at the same time!

All about China

We have been learning about China this term and, this week, we were honoured to have a visit from Mr and Mrs Han. Mrs Han spoke to the children about Chinese culture and manners and the children were fascinated to learn a little Mandarin and how words are written and spoken. It was particularly exciting as Mr and Mrs Han brought some Chinese food for the children to try and we had a very exciting time trying to use chopsticks!

Year 2, which Chinese food did you like the most?

Treasure Hunt

This term in Geography, Year 2 have been learning about maps. On Tuesday this week, I gave the children a treasure map of the school with a series of clues to help them to solve the puzzle. The children used the map and their knowledge of the school to collect all the clues and return victorious. Of course, everyone received a prize (even if they needed a little help!)