La Salle des Énigmes Year 6 Trip

Today, Year 6 spent the afternoon at the Abbey, watching a performance of a French play La Salle des Énigmes. The play was about an escape room with the theme of Tutankamun’s tomb and Howard Carter’s tent. I was very impressed by their enthusiasm during the play. The children were happy to call out the answers (in French!) to many of the riddles, especially those that involved numbers and colours. The actors were very entertaining and had the audience of Y6-Y9 fully captivated throughout. What did you enjoy, Year 6?

Year 5 French Instructions: Sandwich Recipes

This term, Year 5 are learning all about food in their French lessons. Last week, the children learned how to give instructions to make sandwiches. After learning the necessary vocabulary, the children wrote out a recipe for a sandwich of their choice. Once they had finished, the children read their instructions to me and I followed them exactly! A few of the children realised they had missed a bit and quickly dashed off to add a line in. Everyone wrote the instructions for the sandwich they wanted…  Great writing year 5, well done!