Newly Hatched Blue Tits

As the children came up to class today, they were very excited to inform me that the Blue Tit eggs had hatched over the weekend! At lunchtime today, I managed to get a few photos and a couple of videos from the TV screen that is mounted in the dinner hall of our new arrivals. … Read moreNewly Hatched Blue Tits

Red Noses for Comic Relief

Today, to raise money for Comic Relief, the children came to school dressed in home clothes for the donation of £1 for the worthy charity. They enjoyed sporting their red noses, singing the 2013 school’s comic relief song, learning about slums in Kenya and decorating cakes for the charity cake sale in the afternoon. Posted … Read moreRed Noses for Comic Relief

A Christmas Visit from The Fun Factory

It was party time today for Reception and Key Stage One, so The Fun Factory came to entertain the children. We were joined by the nursery at 9:30am for the fun to commence. The show, with their usual mix of humour, fun, songs and magic tricks, kept the children fully entertained! What was your favourite … Read moreA Christmas Visit from The Fun Factory