Inter-House Easter Egg Hunt

It was with great excitement that the school gathered on the playground at 3pm today for our Easter Egg Hunt. The lovely FOBAS ladies had covered the field with house colour-coded easter eggs for the children to collect. After the house eggs had been collected, each child had to scour the AstroTurf for an egg with their own name on it to exchange for a chocolate egg. Great fun was had by all and it was lovely to see the older children encouraging and helping the younger ones to find their eggs. First place went to St Martin’s, with St E’s only six seconds behind! Well done, everyone and a great big thank you to the FOBAS ladies.

Visiting the RNLI

This morning a very excited key stage 1 descended upon the RNLI station in Hastings. Upon arrival at 9:15am, the children climbed the stairs to the education room and watched and listened intently to Ken, hearing stories of rescues at sea and learning about what it means to be a RNLI volunteer. Ken then took us around the rest of the station and showed us the lifeboats and tractors. The children then had a drink and a snack and played in Pelham Place playground before we returned to school in time for lunch.


Christmas Dinner

Yum! Today was Christmas Dinner Day. Everyone in the school took some time out of lessons this morning to decorate a crown to wear for Christmas dinner and we all looked very colourful and festive at lunchtime. We were spoilt with a lovely spread of food and a choice of drinks. As usual, there was a mixed reaction to the sprouts but the chocolate log and star ice-cream dessert went down a treat! After a rousing singing session and a very loud ‘thank you’ to our wonderful kitchen staff, the children went off to continue with their day. I’m glad I’m not on washing up duty today! 🙂