Our Chicks Have Hatched!

Wow- what an exciting few days! As many of you will know, our first chick (named Tigger by the Year 2s) hatched at 4:50pm on Tuesday. Four more chicks hatched yesterday: Caramel, Banana, Cheepy and Lemon. This morning we moved our new-borns into the brooder and they all seem pretty content! I have posted the videos below for you to enjoy. It makes me smile every time I watch them as I remember the excitement and happiness of the watching children. It makes it all so worthwhile!

The Chicks Have Been Born!

The last two chicks hatched last night so we arrived at school to find that we have 5 chicks this year. After moving them all across to the brooder, we needed to wait for them to get used to their new home and have some food and a drink before we could hold them.

It was with great excitement that the children all had a chance to hold one of our chicks after breaktime today. The children were extremely sensible and careful with the newborns and many of the chicks fell asleep in their hands.

The children have also named their chicks:

1. Fluffy (the predominantly black Scotts Grey)

2. Blossom (the black and yellow Scotts Grey)

3. Freddy (the largest brown Mixed Pekin)

4. Twinkle (the smaller brown Mixed Pekin)

5. Tutti Frutti (the yellow and brown Mixed Pekin)

Year 2, which one did you hold today? Did you like holding your chick?


Our Chicks are Hatching!

This morning we arrived at school to find that one of our chicks (a Scotts Grey) had hatched in the early hours.

Before breaktime, we were very lucky that two more chicks hatched and we were able to watch them. We hope you enjoy some of the photos and videos we took this morning. It has been a very exciting day so far!