Young Musicians

Today, the children that take additional music lessons had the opportunity to perform to the rest of the class. It is lovely to see the children so confident at the very beginning of their musical journey and to celebrate in their ongoing progress. Whilst we were downstairs, using the grand piano, we took the opportunity to discuss how the piano works and take a look inside. Obviously, everyone wanted to have a go on the piano too, so the children took it in turns to find out what sorts of sounds are possible. Later on, Year 2 all performed their own ocarina compositions that they have been working on this term. Thank you to all the Key Stage One children that performed a prepared piece of music to us today.

Year 2 Composers

Year 2 have learned about famous composers, including Mozart, Beethoven and Andrew Lloyd Webber this half term. They have thought about what it means to be a composer and how to make up your own music. After we made a class composition together using found sounds and body percussion, the children worked independently to create their own song on the ocarina. We recorded them today so the children could share them with you. The songs the children are playing below, they made up and named themselves!

Well done Year 2.