London’s Burning

We’re approaching the end of our topic on the Great Fire of London and would like to share some of our learning with you!

Below are some photos of display that the Year 2 made. Around the outside of the artwork, are the booklets the children created with facts that they have learned (both in lessons and during independent research) about the Great Fire of London.

We have also been learning to play London’s Burning on the ocarina. Here we are performing it in a two-part round!

Year 2, what fact would you like to share about the Great Fire of London?


Year 2 Traffic Survey

As part of our learning in Geography about our local area, Year 2 completed a traffic survey today at the footbridge on Hastings Road. They learned to record cars that passed as tallies, and count them in fives! The children found it very exciting when some of the drivers waved and even beeped their horns as they passed under the footbridge. Year 2 were impeccably well behaved and were a credit to our school on our first trip out of the year. Thank you Year 2.

Year 2 Review Peter Pan on Ice

Key Stage One had a fantastic time at the theatre yesterday afternoon. We went to see the Russian Ice Stars’ performance of Peter Pan: Peter Pan on Ice.  We spent part of the morning reflecting on the story of Peter Pan and thinking about how this could be set into various scences as an ice skating show. Year 2 also looked at some reviews of the show and discussed the language, structure and purpose of the reviews, so that they knew what sort of things to look out for in the show.

At the show, the children were a credit to the school. Their perfect behaviour throughout was commented upon by many of our neighbouring audience members. As soon as the lights went down, the children and staff were mesmerised by the amazing skills of the skaters and the beautiful staging and scenery. We all felt that the addition of a narrator to the show really helped the children to follow the story.

Today, Year 2 reflected upon their experience and studied some more reviews. We hope that you enjoy the reviews of the show that Year 2 have written.