Key Stage One Trip to Bexhill Museum

Years 1 and 2 had a lovely walk down along the promenade to Egerton Park on Monday. We walked past Mark’s house (the Bexhill Sea Garden) and stopped to say hello on the way! When we arrived at the park, the children ate their lunch and had a play. The children all spent a lovely afternoon in Bexhill museum, looking for seashore and ocean creatures. Year 2 were also very excited to find the exhibits that we had discussed as part of our local history exhibit. They loved finding the dinosaur footprints and other fossils from that time. Our favourite exhibit was the replica of the Easter Egg car that won the first ever motor race in our country! It was lovely to be able to look through all the old photos and read all about it standing next to the car. The other interactive exhibits in the gallery were also very popular with the Year 2 children, as was seeing the tiny screen on one of the first TVs and pushing the buttons to start the Eddie Izzard train set! Perfectly behaved, as always. Thank you for another lovely day out and lots more happy memories, Year 2.

Trip to Bexhill Museum

On Monday, Reception and KS1 went out to Bexhill Museum for a guided fossil hunt on Bexhill’s beach. The children left school just before lunch so that they could have their lunch (a picnic) in Egerton Park and play in the playground for their lunchtime break. Many of the children were particularly excited about playing in the ‘hampster wheel’!

After lunch, we all went into the museum and looked at many of the exhibits. The most memorable were the bottle nosed whale and the dinosaur footprints and bones!

The curator (Julian) then took us all across to the beach and taught us how to find fossils. Julian answered lots of our questions about the things that we found. The children learned to identify slate, quartz, flint, cuttlefish, periwinkles, limpets and fossils. Nearly everyone found a fossil during the afternoon under Julian’s watchful eye!


Trip out to Bexhill Museum

With a mildly chaotic arrival at school this morning, due to a power cut, it was with much excitement that Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 set off in the minibuses for the museum.

Upon arrival, Year 2 ethusiastically set off to explore the museum, with the task of locating various artefacts and finding out a little about each one, while Y1 and Reception had their handling session.

When Year 2 went in for thier talk with Julian, the museum curator, the children were very excited at the opportunity to handle the dinosaur bones! We saw iguanodon bones, casts of dinosaur footprints and slides of the dinosaurs that would have been living in Bexhill. We then went on to learn about the more recent history of the town. The children learnt that Bexhill didn’t start off as a seaside town but was actually just a hillside town that grew. We also saw old pictures of what Bexhill used to look like and Julian told us all about the town’s development.

To finish, the children completed a treasure hunt around the museum to find out more about the wildlife and history of Bexhill. The children’s favourite area in the museum was the motor heritage section, where the children were able to change tyres on a model car and complete other hands-on activities.
After a lovely picnic and playtime in the park, Reception walked along the promenade before taking the minibus back to school, but Y1 and 2 enjoyed the walk back to school.