Year 6 French Breakfast

Year 6 have been learning about daily routines in their French lessons. We thought it would be fun to share a French breakfast together today and the children asked (very politely) in French for all the items that they would like. Year 6 particularly enjoyed drinking their hot chocolate out of a bowl!

London’s Burning

We’re approaching the end of our topic on the Great Fire of London and would like to share some of our learning with you!

Below are some photos of display that the Year 2 made. Around the outside of the artwork, are the booklets the children created with facts that they have learned (both in lessons and during independent research) about the Great Fire of London.

We have also been learning to play London’s Burning on the ocarina. Here we are performing it in a two-part round!

Year 2, what fact would you like to share about the Great Fire of London?


Year 2 Visit to Bexhill Museum

Year 2 spent the morning at Bexhill museum today as part of our local history study. After a talk about the first British motor racing event that took place in 1902, the children completed a history trail, looking at artefacts around the museum. We just had time for a quick picnic and play in Egerton park before we returned to school in time for afternoon lessons!