Hosting an Able, Gifted and Talented event for schools in our local area

On Tuesday 12th October, Battle Abbey Prep School, Bexhill, were delighted to invite able, gifted and talented children from local primary schools for an exciting programme of art, music and drama. The Prep school opened its doors and facilities, with an aim to support the arts in the local community.

The staff and children at Battle Abbey Prep School, Bexhill, gave a warm welcome to children from four local schools: Westfield School, Ninfield Church of England Primary School, Pebsham Primary Academy and Stonegate Church of England Primary School. As part of the animal theme, the 5-7-year-olds made beautiful and highly individualised animal masks, using a range of materials and artistic techniques, facilitated by the local artist Josephine Ho, who has worked with Battle Abbey School for many years.  The children partook in a lively and engaging drama session where, as part of their experience, they acted and improvised around the theme of a safari tour.  During their music session, the children learned a range of animal themed songs, having great fun dressing up and using a wide range of untuned percussion to create accompaniments to the songs.

At the end of the day, the children all came together and gave a short presentation to the older children in the school and visiting parents, utilising their amazing masks in their drama performance and sharing two of their songs and musical accompaniments.

The enthusiasm and excitement of the day was evident in all the children’s faces and the quality of work that the children created across the arts, was outstanding and “every single person was having fun” (Sebastian age 7). The children loved working and playing with like-minded children from other schools, with Natalie, age 6, declaring, “I love making new friends.” Frederica, age 6 said that “It was the best day ever!”

Battle Abbey Prep School, Bexhill, looks forward to planning future events in a similar vein. It was a very successful day promoting the arts and cooperation with local schools and was of great benefit to all the children involved.

Year 2’s Stop Motion Animation Movies

This week, inspired by the book Rumble in the Jungle, Year 2 created short movies. Thursday afternoon, the children made a jungle panorama for a back drop, created their fabulous jungle animals out of play dough and used the iPads to create a stop motion animation. On Friday morning, the children had great fun using iMovie to import their media and add sounds: music, special effects and a voice over. We hope you enjoy watching the short videos below.

Mice Chase

by Oliver, Thomas and Eric

Danger in the Jungle

by Sophia, Zach and Isadora

The Jungle King

by Caleb, James and Cobey

KS1 Trip to Drusillas Zoo Park

Years one and two had a wonderful time at Drusillas today. The children studied the animals in the park, attended an educational session (run by James and Hayley) and even managed to squeeze in some time to play before we had to return to school. Year 2 had an absolutely fantastic lesson in the education centre, all about minibeasts. The children learned all about exoskeletons, invertebrates and different classes of minibeasts. We handled a variety of artefacts (preserved scorpions, tarantula skins, cased butterflies  a wasp nest and goggles that showed them how a fly’s vision works) and live animals (a Madagascan Hissing cockroach, a Giant African millipede and a Giant African land snail). The children were so well behaved that we were allowed to stroke something cute and furry (a meerkat) at the end of our session as a special treat! Year 2 asked a range of intelligent questions both in our session and as we studied the other animals in the zoo. The children were all brilliantly well behaved, enthusiastic and attentive and I was, as always, incredibly proud of them.