It’s here! View the video footage of chick no. 8 hatching…

In the process of uploading this video, I have watched it yet again. I am still captivated by this miracle of life. Like many of the children that witnessed one of the 15 births on Monday, it was the first time I have ever seen a chick hatch. My room was a hive of activity all day with people popping in and out to share in the excitement.

I think of all the groups of children that I have shown the video to, my favourite reaction was from the nursery when they paid me a visit during Monday lunchtime. The young children first cooed over the newly born chicks in the incubator and those that were merely hours old in the brooder and then huddled on the carpet in front of the large interactive whiteboard. They went very quiet as they saw the tiny chick trying to break out of the egg. They listened to me, absolutely mesmerised as I gave them a simple commentary and the nursery staff helped to explain that this was what had just happened to the chick they could see sleeping in the incubator.

The nursery staff tell me that the children have been talking about it all week and they are now watching the chicks grow on the webcam from their classroom.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as the children and I have. It would be lovely to share your thoughts with the children (and let me know I am not just writing for my own benefit!), so please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the post. Thanks 🙂


Releasing the Butterflies

Well, half of them anyway…

This morning, when we saw the brilliant sunshine, we quickly gathered in the flower garden to release the butterflies. I have never kept butterflies before and when I had imagined this moment, I had envisioned clouds of butterflies rising as we lifted the net. You know, a flashing rush of multicolours rising in a cloud towards the heavens.

Unfortunately, it didn’t really meet my high expectations. Upon lifting the net and encouraging the butterflies to fly free, a very unsatisfying ‘nothing’ happened. As I looked past the lazy butterflies and into the expectant faces of the whole of reception and key stage one, I realised that, actually, it was a bit chilly here in the shady flower garden. We quicky relocated to the sunniest part of the school grounds, where we did have more luck. The butterflies seemed to need to be helped out, one at a time, and sometimes to be helped onto the nearest flower or leaf where they rested for while. The children were very easily pleased though, obviously holding much lower expectations of the occasion than myself, and were really excited that quite a few of the butterflies decided that the flower of their choice would be one of the children. We watched the butterflies sun themselves and flutter away and waved goodbye to our beautiful pets.

It was a very plesant experience overall, and I look forward to the release of the rest of the butterflies when they have finished emerging from their chrysalides.




Chicks and Butterflies


It was with great excitement that the children in Year 1 and 2 held the chicks for the first time today. All fluffy and definitely larger than when we had left them, the chicks happily charged out from under their heater to meet us all first thing this morning.

We were also very pleased to find that another 10 of our butterflies had escaped from their chrysalides and after spending some time examining the empty cases, we decided that it was time to release them into the flower garden outside. However, by the time reception and KS1 had gathered on the playground, it had started to rain and the butterflies couldn’t be persuaded to leave their cosy butterfly house! After this clear vote by the butterflies we decided that we had better let them stay another day. Fingers crossed for some sunshine tomorrow…