Reflections and work from the Year 2 Children

When I asked the children today what their favourite parts of this week had been, I was surprised by quite how much we have done!

  • “Watching the chicks hatch
  • Releasing the butterflies
  • Making the paper loop chicks
  • The butterfly that landed on (*child’s name*’s) back
  • Golden Time
  • Watching and learning about the triops
  • Playing with the chicks
  • Maths work
  • Cuddling the chicks
  • A chick falling asleep in my hand
  • When Jimmy (a new born) chick did some gymnastics
  • Lunch time- yummy food (especially apple crumble on Thursday)
  • Nearly finishing my really long reading book
  • Playing tennis at breaktime
  • Watching our plants grow
  • Bringing a ray in for ‘show and tell’
  • Planting our seed heads
  • Having time with Mrs Hazell”

Arh, bless, and that’s why I love working in Key Stage One.

Everyone has worked hard this week. Well done everyone! Here is a piece of writing from everyone about what we did this week.


Pictures and highlights of the week

Wow- what a week! I never imagined that I would have so much to write about in my first week of blogging. I was quite surprised to discover that I have already had 121 views (though I have suspicions that many of them might be my mum: thanks Mum x)

So then- to the best of the pictures that haven’t yet made it to the blog. Appologies that none of the lovely pictures of the children can be shared here- but watch out for the school newsletter… I’ll see what can be done :).




This is the glorius sight that met me at 7:30am on Monday morning. I could hear the cheeping as soon as I walked through the door.




I moved the chicks into the brooder and they huddled together under the heat lamp. Later on, we taught them to eat by tapping our fingers on the food and making cheeping sounds (just like Mummy would!)


We were able to candle some of the eggs to take a look at what was going on inside. We saw lots of moving and when we held them up to our ears, could hear the pipping of the chicks as they chipped away at their eggshells as well as the cheeping coming from inside of the eggs!




The single butterfly that had wriggled out of its chrysalis hardly got a look in at first, when the children arrived to inspect the newly born chicks.



Within 15 minutes of the children arriving, chick number 8 was well on the way. I don’t think I need to tell you that we were more than a little late for assembly. This time we were ready and were able to capture the birth on video.



On Tuesday, once all the chicks had hatched, the butterflies became exciting for the children. We took some of the empty chrysalides out of the butterfly house and passed them around the class and researched exactly what was happening to the rest of our caterpillars. We found out some fascinating facts about the Painted Ladies too.



After our research, and unfortunate weather on Tuesday, we added some extra plants and flowers for the young butterflies to enjoy. Finally, on Thursday, we were able to release the butterflies.

Do you know, though, what really amazes me this week? Whilst the room has been buzzing (and, I felt, bording on chaotic at times) that the children have still managed to create some outstanding pieces of work. We have even writen some high quality instructional texts to the sound of background cheeping!

Well… I don’t know what I can do next week to keep up the pace… Oh, wait a moment… I’m on a French residential trip… “Ooh-la-la!” Watch this space…