Perfect Maths on a Hot Day

Our Maths topic for this week is measures. Yesterday we had great fun with rulers and string and eventually tape measures measuring different parts of our bodies. Today, in the heat, we relocated to the shade of a tree to estimate and measure the capacity of a variety of different size bottles, pots and other containers. Ah… Bliss… The children were really enjoying themselves and the mathematical language that naturally arose as the children poured and compared, discussing litres and millilitres, was very encouraging.

Well done year 2!

Unsurprisingly, a few pieces of work had to be hung out to dry before they co us be filed…


Blogging and Tweeting from France

Well, well… That certainly kept me busy! I was up until nearly midnight every night, collating, writing and preparing those blogs. You see, I had to leave my 5 year old son behind in England on this trip (and I don’t know how I would have survived it without FaceTime) and I figured that it would be much harder on the mums and dads left behind than it was on the children! Even without direct contact, I thought that families would find it reassuring to know what their children were up to and to know that they were safe.

I figure that I hit on something as hundreds of viewers read the posts each day. The record was 431 different article views on Thursday! Also, so many of you were kind enough to leave encouraging comments so that I knew I wasn’t writing solely for my own benefit.

Running alongside the blog were my 140 character-limit tweets, which I know that some of you were following and the children and I loved to receive your messages (over 40 in all). Here are some of my favourites from throughout the week:

@trudyhazell fantastic weather spend! Spend! Spend! At the Market xx

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@trudyhazell Glad to hear you are all having a great time. Be good to see some more pics on the blog when possible. Love Thomas’s mum xx

Sent May 23, 02:02 PM From web

@trudyhazell thank you for the update – do they have any money left! Enjoy your afternoon in this beautiful weather x

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@trudyhazell love the photos!!!! Such beautiful children! Enjoy!

Sent May 23, 03:08 PM From Twitter for iPad

@trudyhazell Hope the market was fun – enjoy your evening!! xx

Sent May 23, 06:32 PM From web

@trudyhazell you have some professional shoppers with you! Have a lovely evening xx

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@trudyhazell they should sleep well! Looks fantastic!

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@trudyhazell looks like u r all having great fun. Shannon’s mum

Sent May 23, 10:33 PM From Mobile Web

@trudyhazell sounds perfect! Hope they won’t all want to have a pet cow at home! Don’t eat too many biscuits this pm! X

Sent May 24, 12:01 PM From Twitter for BlackBerry®

@trudyhazell Fab photos, looks like you are having such a brilliant time! 🙂

Sent May 24, 06:19 PM From web

@trudyhazell wow what a perfect day all about food! Have a lovely evening eating pancakes x

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@trudyhazell Amazing – they are obviously having so much fun. Enjoy your pancakes and tell Sir to let the kids have a go on the slide! X

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@trudyhazell right that’s it bootcamp will be put into place by the weekend! Might even invest in a whistle!!

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@trudyhazell safe journey. Enjoy Caen Castle in the sunshine! X

Sent May 25, 08:28 AM From Twitter for iPad

@trudyhazell Can’t wait to see you and hear about the wonderful time you’ve all had….safe journey!! 🙂 x

Sent May 25, 11:54 AM From web

@trudyhazell sure Sir would prefer Alvin and the chipmunks!!!!

Sent May 25, 02:26 PM From Twitter for BlackBerry®

@trudyhazell thank you for all your hard work she had a wonderful time have a good weekend and rest x

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@trudyhazell thank you for organising a lovely trip Shannon has really enjoyed herself

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In the words of the children…

Our Trip in the words of the children

As I was tucking the children in to bed and saying my final goodnight, I asked the children what their favourite part of our trip has been. Very cute, smily and just a little bit sleepy…

  • It was all just naturally brilliant. – LC
  • Everything was magnificent. – JS
  • My favourite thing was the biscuit factory. – COS
  • I loved the cheese! – GG
  • I enjoyed the market the most but the farm was fun. – ON
  • I think I liked the farm best because the cow sucked on my thumb. – ITJ
  • I liked the farm because I liked to stroke the rabbit and I liked making cheese. – SSK
  • I enjoyed the market best and going round the biscuit factory… Oh no, I liked the tourist train. – SC
  • I really loved it all. – FM
  • I loved the whole trip. – HS
  • One of the best trips I’ve ever been on. – EP
  • The room inspections got us nervous but they were lots of fun. – SP
  • I’ve had lots of fun on the French Trip. I enjoyed all of it and don’t want to go home. – DU
  • I enjoyed all of it but I liked the market the best. -SH
  • -My favourite thing was the market or the cheese farm, my mum likes cheese… That would be her favourite too… Zzzzz…..- TEM
  • My favourite thing was the biscuit factory. – FA
  • I think the market was my favourite, actually the cheese farm. – BY
  • … The cheese farm and the market… And the adventure playground… I would come back to france just to see the playground. – YS

… You’ve heard enough already from me… But from the other adults…

  • Playing football with the children – MW (coach driver)
  • I thought it was brilliant for the children to feed the cows and see the milking… The children have been really good.- TC
  • Thursday was the best day. I loved the farm and Turbo the dog… The ice-cream was nice though… The sun shone, birds cheeped… The weather’s been brilliant… I saw a red squirrel… The centre’s been great. – SC
  • My favourite place was the adventure playground… I liked breakfast… The food’s been nice. – BC;
Our Trip in the words of the children
Our Trip in the words of the children