Reflections and work from the Year 2 Children

When I asked the children today what their favourite parts of this week had been, I was surprised by quite how much we have done!

  • “Watching the chicks hatch
  • Releasing the butterflies
  • Making the paper loop chicks
  • The butterfly that landed on (*child’s name*’s) back
  • Golden Time
  • Watching and learning about the triops
  • Playing with the chicks
  • Maths work
  • Cuddling the chicks
  • A chick falling asleep in my hand
  • When Jimmy (a new born) chick did some gymnastics
  • Lunch time- yummy food (especially apple crumble on Thursday)
  • Nearly finishing my really long reading book
  • Playing tennis at breaktime
  • Watching our plants grow
  • Bringing a ray in for ‘show and tell’
  • Planting our seed heads
  • Having time with Mrs Hazell”

Arh, bless, and that’s why I love working in Key Stage One.

Everyone has worked hard this week. Well done everyone! Here is a piece of writing from everyone about what we did this week.