It’s here! View the video footage of chick no. 8 hatching…

In the process of uploading this video, I have watched it yet again. I am still captivated by this miracle of life. Like many of the children that witnessed one of the 15 births on Monday, it was the first time I have ever seen a chick hatch. My room was a hive of activity … Read more

Releasing the Butterflies

Well, half of them anyway… This morning, when we saw the brilliant sunshine, we quickly gathered in the flower garden to release the butterflies. I have never kept butterflies before and when I had imagined this moment, I had envisioned clouds of butterflies rising as we lifted the net. You know, a flashing rush of … Read more

Chicks and Butterflies

  It was with great excitement that the children in Year 1 and 2 held the chicks for the first time today. All fluffy and definitely larger than when we had left them, the chicks happily charged out from under their heater to meet us all first thing this morning. We were also very pleased … Read more