Chicks and Butterflies

  It was with great excitement that the children in Year 1 and 2 held the chicks for the first time today. All fluffy and definitely larger than when we had left them, the chicks happily charged out from under their heater to meet us all first thing this morning. We were also very pleased … Read more

The Chicks Have Arrived: View the Time Lapse Footage

Well, well, what an exciting day! I arrived at 7:30am this morning to find the first 7 chicks had hatched during the night. Can you imagine the excitement as the children arrived at 8:30am at almost the same time as chick no. 8 started to hatch? We were slightly late to assembly as it was … Read more

Last minute preparations for the Year 5&6 French Trip

So, with a week to go, I found myself at the post office today to collect my Euros. Please make sure you remember to order yours in low denominations! Otherwise I dread to think of the poor market stall keepers’ faces as they are presented (through our practised and polished pigeon French) with the 19th … Read more