A Poetic “Happy Father’s Day” from Year 2

Year two have been in incredibly busy this week making things for their Dads. I was really proud of the poems that they wrote. We studied one of my favourite poems, Kit Wright’s “The Magic Box” and then I asked the children, “If you could give your Dad anything in the world, what would you put in his … Read moreA Poetic “Happy Father’s Day” from Year 2

Yellow Day Fun

Today the children all arrived in yellow clothing with a donation for St. Michael’s Hospice. In year 2, we started the day by baking some fairy cakes and decorating them in yellow. Since we have just finished learning about reading and writing instructional texts, I gave each group a recipe and let them work together … Read moreYellow Day Fun

Barnaby Bear’s Diary – Now Online

Barnaby’s life is a hectic one. Always learning new things, meeting new people and visiting new places. With so much going on for Barnaby’s, it would be easy to let special memories slip away. That’s why Barnaby and I decided to set up his blog. With the year 2 children’s help, Barnaby will be able … Read moreBarnaby Bear’s Diary – Now Online