Year 5 French Sandwich Instructions

There was much laughter in Year Five’s French lesson today as the children chose their ingredients and wrote out instructions for ‘A Funny Sandwich’. When they finished their work, the children read their instructions to me and I followed them exactly. There was only a few children that said “No! Stop! Can I go and change it please?”

With some rather unusual choices of ingredients (such as chocolate spread, banana and crisps) I was surprised that none of the sandwiches found their way to the bin!

I was very pleased with the children’s written work and pronunciation when giving their instructions.

Year 5- Did you enjoy your sandwich? What did you put in yours?

Year 6 French Breakfast

Year 6 enjoyed a French breakfast today, as part of their daily routines topic. The children all spent the first part of the lesson learning the French names of breakfast foods and drinks. Then, they asked (very politely) for the items that they wanted. After a very hearty “Bon Appetit” the children tucked in!