Our School’s 100th Birthday Party

With great excitement, the whole school gathered at 2pm today in the hall for our school’s centenary party. The Fun Factory came to entertain us with their usual mix of entertainment, interweaving magic tricks, jokes and audience participation. Many children including A.L. in year 2 and S. A. in year 1 and E. W. in reception were the first volunteer to be dressed up to help with the magic tricks. To the children’s great amusement, this was followed by a Punch and Judy show. As you would expect, this was thoroghly enjoyed by all, from Reception to Year 6. The party was wrapped up with a (very noisy) disco!

KS1 Sing a Summer Song

Mrs Hazell: Good morning everyone! 🙂

KS1 (chanting): Good morning Mrs Hazell.

Mrs Hazell: Lovely to see all your smiling faces this morning. So then, what do you think the weather will be like today?

KS1 (giggling):


Blue Skies (Today Will Be Hot), by Out of the Ark.