Chinese New Year – Gung Hay Fat Choy

Key Stage 1 and Reception joined forces today to entertain the rest of the school during whole school assembly. They have worked very hard over the past few weeks to learn all about the Chinese New Year and the children wanted to share their learning with key stage 2. The assembly started with the reception children parading to Chinese music as a large Chinese dragon. Year 2 then shared facts about Chinese New Year and Key Stage One acted out the story of The Great Race, the story of the origins of the Chinese Zodiac. This was followed by a presentation of work from all the classes, where the children showed a selection of art work and Chinese writings. To conclude, the children all sang a song to wish everyone good luck and prosperity. Children, you were amazing! What a wonderfully entertaining and informative start to the day.


Fire on the Field!

After much persuasion, and lots of paperwork, I finally agreed to burn the children’s houses! We chose a dry, not too windy, day and lined up our houses in an attempt to reenact the Great Fire of London. I made sure I took a lovely picture of each of the children with their art work so that you would still be able to see it! The children were rather excited as the flames licked their houses and started to sing London’s Burning.