Year 2 Superhero Comic Strips

As part of our superheroes topic, this week the Year 2s created a number story and turned their story into a comic strip. We had great fun using the comic life 3 app on the iPads. We hope that you enjoy reading our comic strips as much as we enjoyed making them!

Creating Comic Strips in Maths and Computing

After much fun, Year 2 are proud to present their comic strips presenting real life mathematical problems. The children created their own mathematical stories and then organised the photos and comic layout that they would like. The children worked in pairs to use the comic life 3 ap on the iPads to create their comic strips.
I certainly do appear to have a class of superheroes!
Year 2, what was your favourite part of our superhero topic this half term?

Holiday Homework- Transition to Y2: Information for Carers

So that we can build on the progress that the children have made this year, it is of utmost importance that your child partakes in reading, writing and mathematical activities frequently over the 8 week summer holiday. Please feel free to do as little or as much work with your child as you feel is appropriate for him/her.

To maintain your child’s current reading level, I would recommend that you use the local children’s library each week and continue to share books with your child for 10 minutes on a daily basis. In my personal experience, the librarians are very good at helping children to find books that are interesting and relevant to them.

To maintain your child’s current writing level, I would suggest that (s)he keeps a holiday diary. Depending upon what you feel is suitable for you and your child, I would recommend anything from a daily to a weekly entry. I would suggest an entry could simply be one sentence. Please encourage your child to think about the sounds they can hear when they write and start their sentence with a capital letter and end with a full stop. If your child likes to draw, (s)he could also draw a picture to accompany their sentence(s). Again, I would recommend putting aside 10 minutes for this activity a couple of times a week. If you chose to encourage your child to write a diary, please send it to school at the start of term for Show and Tell!

To maintain your child’s current mathematics level, I would like to recommend using the links on the Year 2 Blog to access a variety of maths games. MyMaths is particularly good for general revision and I would like to encourage you to take a look at the resources it has to offer. I have created a page of instructions on how to access the Year 2 Blog and the resources I have collated on there. On MyMaths, each child can use their own individual login details to keep a record of the tasks that they have attempted. Again, I would recommend short, sharp bursts of 10 minutes a couple of times a week.

I have included the passwords that your child will need to access MyMaths in the hard copy that has been sent home in bookbags. If you need a reminder of any passwords, please ask me or Mrs. Towers.

I wish you all a lovely summer,

Kind regards,
Mrs Trudy Golding
Year 2 Class Teacher

Click HERE to open instructions to access online maths activities.