Creating Comic Strips in Maths and Computing

After much fun, Year 2 are proud to present their comic strips presenting real life mathematical problems. The children created their own mathematical stories and then organised the photos and comic layout that they would like. The children worked in pairs to use the comic life 3 ap on the iPads to create their comic … Read more

Holiday Homework- Transition to Y2: Information for Carers

So that we can build on the progress that the children have made this year, it is of utmost importance that your child partakes in reading, writing and mathematical activities frequently over the 8 week summer holiday. Please feel free to do as little or as much work with your child as you feel is … Read more

Fun with Maths and ICT: Programming Instructions

As part of our maths work this week, Year 2 have been learning about position and movement. We have been using the apps ‘Bee Bot’ (free in the App Store) and ‘Bee Bot Pyramid’ (the next level up- 69p in the App Store) on the iPod touches. We have also had great fun with the … Read more