Releasing the Butterflies

When we arrived at school this morning, we found that the rest of the butterflies had emerged from their chrysalides over the weekend. During lunchtime today, Key Stage One gathered together to release the butterflies. Although it was warm, the sun had gone behind the clouds and the butterflies needed some encouragement to leave their home!

Bathing the Ducks

This morning, when we moved the ducks into their cage, we discovered that ducklings just love water! They got straight into their water dish and sat in it splashing around. We ended up putting some stones in the bottom to make sure that they didn’t get stuck in there.

This is why we decided to fill up a tray with warm water: we wanted to see whether ducklings like to swim! We already knew that ducklings do not have a waterproof covering for the first couple of weeks, so we had paper towels ready to dry them off.

What should we hatch next year?

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