Fun with Maths and ICT: Programming Instructions

As part of our maths work this week, Year 2 have been learning about position and movement. We have been using the apps ‘Bee Bot’ (free in the App Store) and ‘Bee Bot Pyramid’ (the next level up- 69p in the App Store) on the iPod touches. We have also had great fun with the programmable cars, which can even fire their laser at unsuspecting aliens! After mastering how to programme instructions, the children enjoyed using the paper squares to create their own assault courses.

Y2 Cars: Podium Positions

It never ceases to amaze me what fun we manage to have in Year 2.  This term, combining elements of our science and D.T. work, we have built and decorated our own toy cars.  The children are so proud of their work- they have enjoyed the whole process, but found sawing the wood for the frame particularly exciting.  As is always the case in the classroom, this challenge has bought up a variety of interesting questions.  I wanted to share my favourite with you, which cropped up when we were looking at design specifications and customised cars: “How do ‘go faster’ stripes make the car go faster?” 🙂

Anyway, today we made it down to the hall to see which car will win our competition: Who’s car will roll the furthest down a ramp?

Below you will see the winners and the proud owners of each of the cars.