Year 2 Visit Pizza Express

Year 2 had a lovely time this morning at Pizza Express. When we first arrived, we were all allocated hats, aprons and a working space at one of the tables. The children learned how to stretch and shape their dough and fit it to the pan. We were encouraged to try tossing our pizzas, though we found that we were not as successful at this as our chef, Ben, and one child had to be given another piece of dough to start again!

Following the instruction cards that we had been given, the children then spread the tomato base across the pizza, scattered on blocks of mozzarella, drizzled olive oil and added a sprinkle of oregano. After that, the children carried their pizzas to the trays to be taken to the kitchen for cooking.

Whilst the pizzas were cooking, the children enjoyed a drink of squash and found out more about the ingredients that are used to make pizzas. Many of the children sampled the foods that were on offer and I was surprised that so many of the children ate the olives!

The children were thrilled to receive their pizzas and a certificate in time to return to school for a cheesy pizza feast. Many thanks to the wonderful staff at Pizza Express in Hastings for such an informative and exciting morning.


Ocarina Performance and Art Work: London’s Burning!

Tah dah!

Year 2 are extremely excited to share their recent performance of London’s Burning. As most of you are probably aware, the children started learning the ocarina at the beginning of the Autumn term this year. I am so pleased with how hard they have worked and how much progress they have made already.

As you listen to the video, you will hear the children play London’s Burning three times.

  1. The first time, the children play all together, in unison.
  2. The second time, the class has split into 2 groups and play in a round.
  3. The recording ends with the children playing a round in 4 parts. That is only 4 children to each part!

🙂 Bless them, they’re only 6 and 7 years old and have managed to maintain their own parts, yet listen and stay in time with the others in the class. Go year 2! ( Please excuse the proud teacher.)

This does mean, of course, that I have decided to push them further… On Monday, at our first Christmas show – Carols at the Gate – we will be attempting not just the chorus of Jingle Bells but the verse of Jingle Bells as well. As if that wasn’t enough already, we thought we’d add a harmony part too! Hold on to your hats… 🙂

The art work that you see in the movie was completed this week and marks the end of our ‘Fire, Fire’ topic. the children have thoroughly enjoyed this learning journey and can access some of the fantastic ‘Fire of London’ online resources that we have used to supplement our learning through My Delicious.

Enough from me: enjoy! 🙂



Opening ocarina photo taken from ocarina workshop


Grouping and Changing Materials (in the words of Year 2!)

One of the things we have learned about this week is irreversible and reversible changes.

We made pancakes, toast and popcorn, which were irreversible changes because we cooked them and couldn’t turn them back.

We also melted ice, frozen squash, butter and chocolate, which were reversible changes because they could go back in the freezer and turn back from liquids to solids again.

Finally, we changed water into steam (a gas). We realised this was a reversible change because when Mrs Hazell put a really cold bowl over the top, the steam turned back into water. We saw it drip back off the bowl.