Our Magic Box Poems

Inspired this week by Kit Wright’s poem ‘The Magic Box’, year 2 decided to write their own poems. I was amazed by the wonderful and creative ideas that the children produced. They were excited to include sounds, feelings and imaginary things and to really think ‘outside the box’!

We hope you enjoy reading our poems as much as we enjoyed writing them.

KS1 Trip to Knockhatch

On Monday, Years 1 and 2 had a lovely day at Knockhatch as part of our topics on animals and life cycles.

During the day, we attended the animal handling session and the owl display.   The children were able to learn about, touch and even hold a variety of different animals. The children were surprised at how soft the owl was, how sticky the cockroach legs felt on their hands and how light and furry the tarantula was! The children enjoyed petting the guinea pigs, a tortoise and a variety of farm animals as well.  One of the owls was hand reared and surprisingly tame and affectionate. It was amazing to see and be able to handle such beautiful birds.

As we explored the rest of the park, other spontaneous opportunities arose. Some of the Year 1 children were able to help feed the newborn lambs and the Year 2 were lucky enough to be in the owl sanctuary at feeding time and learn about all the other owls as well. Year 2 also spent quite a long time with a talking parrot that was very keen to keep their attention!

Other highlights of the day would include the beautiful male peacock that was in full display and the noisy turkey and geese! The children also enjoyed playing in the play areas and rode on the Quadapillas.

The children were perfectly behaved all day and were a credit to the school.

What was your favourite part of the day, Year 2?

Fairytale Puppets

We’ve finished! 🙂 We are proud to present the puppets that the children designed and created themselves. This term, in D.T. Year 2 have been learning how to join fabrics, with a focus on sewing. To design their puppets, the children used SP studio (Computing Club links). Back in class, the children worked with their image to create a paper design/ template of their character. Finally the children, referring to their design and design specification sheet, gathered the materials they needed and made their puppets. Below I have included a few photos of the children’s designs and all of their finished products!