Blogging and Tweeting from France

Well, well… That certainly kept me busy! I was up until nearly midnight every night, collating, writing and preparing those blogs. You see, I had to leave my 5 year old son behind in England on this trip (and I don’t know how I would have survived it without FaceTime) and I figured that it … Read more

In the words of the children…

Our Trip in the words of the children

As I was tucking the children in to bed and saying my final goodnight, I asked the children what their favourite part of our trip has been. Very cute, smily and just a little bit sleepy… It was all just naturally brilliant. – LC Everything was magnificent. – JS My favourite thing was the biscuit … Read more

They do make me laugh…

During last night’s room inspections, the children had me in fits of laughter. They are all so competitive to have the ‘best room’ that they were all coming up with creative ways to try to get extra points. One room switched off the lights and had some weird music that they thought that I would … Read more