Key Stage One Visit Bexhill Library

Today, Key Stage One went for a walk to the local library. We looked at many things on the walk into town, learning about the types of houses and homes that people in our area live in. We also stopped to notice the snowdrops and daffodils that are just coming into flower. When we reached the town, we stopped by the train station for a quick snack and drink. We waved at many trains that passed! Next, we walked down to Bexhill library and spent some time looking around at the different types of books. Everyone chose a book to bring back to school. After a quick story time, we caught the bus back up the hill and arrived back at the prep school in time for lunch.

Beach School

Last week we had a fabulous time at Beach School. The children were amazed at the power and the colours of the sea and the waves. We found lots of ‘treasures’ from the high tide and excitedly identified various shells, plants and other things that had been washed up on the beach. Then, we spent some time collecting stones and balancing them to see which pair could build the highest tower. Before we returned to school, the children threw stones at their towers to knock them down again! Thanks, Key Stage One for another interesting and enjoyable afternoon out.