Visiting Bexhill Fire Station

Key Stage One had a fabulous time at Bexhill Fire Station this morning. The fire fighters were very friendly and enthusiastically told us all about their work in the fire service.

When we first arrived, the children asked if we could see the alarm go off in the fire station! The firemen kindly obliged and we were very excited to hear the siren, see the light and watch the printer print out the details of the nature of the emergency. We then split into two groups for the morning activities. We were shown around the fire engine and the storage cupboards on the sides. Everyone enjoyed climbing into the back of the fire engine and having a good look around! During the course of the morning, all of the children had the opportunity to have a go on the rope rescue equipment and practise using the pulley to hoist their friend.

After we stopped for a quick snack and drink, the firemen showed us their protective clothing and two of the children tried on the clothes, which were, of course, huge! Finally, everyone had a go at using the fire hose to put out a pretend fire in the fire station grounds. The children asked a lot of very sensible and interesting questions and I was very proud of them, as usual!

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