Beach School

Key Stage One and Reception had a lovely time at the beach this week. After collecting and identifying shells and other objects on the beach, the children competed to see which team could build the best sandcastle. We then explored the rock pools and shared and identified the sea creatures that we found. Before we returned to school, we even managed to squeeze in a picnic. Thank goodness the rain held off!

Key Stage One Trip to Bexhill Museum

Years 1 and 2 had a lovely walk down along the promenade to Egerton Park on Monday. We walked past Mark’s house (the Bexhill Sea Garden) and stopped to say hello on the way! When we arrived at the park, the children ate their lunch and had a play. The children all spent a lovely afternoon in Bexhill museum, looking for seashore and ocean creatures. Year 2 were also very excited to find the exhibits that we had discussed as part of our local history exhibit. They loved finding the dinosaur footprints and other fossils from that time. Our favourite exhibit was the replica of the Easter Egg car that won the first ever motor race in our country! It was lovely to be able to look through all the old photos and read all about it standing next to the car. The other interactive exhibits in the gallery were also very popular with the Year 2 children, as was seeing the tiny screen on one of the first TVs and pushing the buttons to start the Eddie Izzard train set! Perfectly behaved, as always. Thank you for another lovely day out and lots more happy memories, Year 2.