Pancake Day Celebrations

The children were very excited about pancake day this year! We decided to celebrate the occasion by holding a pancake race. After watching Key Stage 2 at break time, Key Stage 1 and Reception held their own inter-house pancake day race. This week, we have learned about the Christian story behind Shrove Tuesday and in our assembly this week, St E’s told us all about pancake day traditions around the world. This afternoon, in science, I thought cooking pancakes would be the ideal opportunity to learn about states of matter. We started off melting a chocolate button and then discussed how solids can change into liquids and how liquids can change into solids. We thought about water in its three states then mixed up the pancake batter and watched it cook. The children used the terms solid, liquid and gas whilst describing the making of our pancakes and then they ate them! Happy Shrove Tuesday, everyone. I’m glad you had such a lovely day.


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  1. Excellent pancake skills kids! Who won the race? I see some very big smiles in the photos when it was time to gobble down those flapjacks afterwards. Did you guys have Aunt Jemima syrup or the more natural alternative maple syrup? We used to import a case of Aunt Jemima syrup from America but Oliver’s Mum banned it from the house…something about too much sugar for breakfast. We were devastated at first but now slap on proportionate amounts of peanut butter and maple syrup every time!

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