La Salle des Énigmes Year 6 Trip

Today, Year 6 spent the afternoon at the Abbey, watching a performance of a French play La Salle des Énigmes. The play was about an escape room with the theme of Tutankamun’s tomb and Howard Carter’s tent. I was very impressed by their enthusiasm during the play. The children were happy to call out the answers (in French!) to many of the riddles, especially those that involved numbers and colours. The actors were very entertaining and had the audience of Y6-Y9 fully captivated throughout. What did you enjoy, Year 6?

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  1. I (personally) thought it was awesome! My only problem was that I didn’t understand it, but the actions the actors did helped, and they were hilarious!!!

  2. It was really fun going to the play there was a lot of interaction with the audience and overall really fun to watch.

  3. It was really fun and interactive, the actors spoke slowly and their hand gestures helped a lot. I understood a lot more than I originally thought. Made my day!

  4. I really liked it it knew a lot of what they where doing because there actions where very clear and it was really funny when my brother got up to act and wasn’t that good (ha ha ha)they where very good actors to! also one of my brothers friends did some acting and he did some funny things and did very well

  5. Personally, I found the play amazing. Even though I didn’t understand it that much, the actors made it easy to catch on to. They interacted with the audience which made it slightly more personal to the audience. Also, the fish being thrown into the audience was hilarious, along with them throwing hats through a wall. Overall, the play was really nice and enjoyable. I’d be happy to watch another play like this from the abbey.

  6. It was a really good play lots of fun and interaction.The actors looked like they were having fun. They spoke it all in french but understood the hand jesters and the things that sounded the same ,the actors were so funny!!

  7. I liked the fact that the audience were involved in the play. I especially enjoyed the ending. At the end I liked the sound affects. I loved the art work on the background scene. Although I didn’t understand it, the actions helped me understand what was going on.

  8. I loved it! All the action and the involvement of all the viewers! They are hilarious! Great play! Thank you Mrs Golding for booking us in to see it, we didn’t understand it all, but by there brilliant actions we figured it out, seeing this play was a brilliant experience one I will never forget! I loved that they either called two people up to act with them! As you carried on in the play you noticed that the play wouldn’t be as good without the audience! The brilliant background and the amazing props made this unbelievably good! They had music to go with the play, it was brilliant! It was amazing! This is one of the best plays yet! -Thank you for taking us!

  9. when they started they act when the lady ran round with a pram with a toy baby one of the wheels were like 1 inch away from my foot!

  10. I really enjoyed going to this play and I’d love to go again, the actors were brilliant and it was really funny! I learnt lots and had lodes of fun! Thank you for taking us!

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