British Science Week 2019

We had a lovely time celebrating British Science Week last week. Here are some of the highlights! During the week, Year 2 explored flight, making paper aeroplanes, helicopters and gliders and changing the designs to see how the flight paths were affected. On the same theme of travel, the children independently researched a migrating animal of their choice. I think my favourite was the Red Crabs of Christmas Island: simply amazing! Another enjoyable science experiment occurred when Caleb kindly brought into school a volcano base that he had made at home. We had great fun adding vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and red food colouring to simulate a volcanic eruption. We also learned about some of the world’s most amazing insects from the Guinness Book of World Records and used augmented reality on the iPads to bring them to life! Finally, we thought about what plants need to grow well and set up an experiment to find out! I’ve got little pots of cress seeds everywhere- even in my filing cabinet and the staff freezer! We hope you enjoy our photos of yet another fun packed, busy week at Battle Abbey Prep, Bexhill!

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  1. Nothing better than a paper airplane toss at school! I didn’t know you could do augmented reality on the iPads but it looks really cool.

  2. Science week was very fun and exiting, along with our very fun assembly! Mummifying oranges was fun to do and I can’t wait until next years!

  3. I loved science week we had so much fun making posters and doing things in are science lesson, I cant wait till next year (excited!)

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