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We have been learning about China this term and, this week, we were honoured to have a visit from Mr and Mrs Han. Mrs Han spoke to the children about Chinese culture and manners and the children were fascinated to learn a little Mandarin and how words are written and spoken. It was particularly exciting as Mr and Mrs Han brought some Chinese food for the children to try and we had a very exciting time trying to use chopsticks!

Year 2, which Chinese food did you like the most?

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  1. I can see those tricky chopsticks are out! Well done for learning something new kids and thank you Han’s for coming in to spend time with the kids. We’ll have to practice our chopstick skills at home a bit more. Oliver wants to try the chinese dumplings that Eric keeps talking about!

  2. Yes impressive chop stick using. Oliver came home and taught me how to write people. What other words did you all learn? I think I need some lessons too.

  3. It looks really fun to eat Chinese food. It looked really good to be able to use chopsticks. You were quick learners.
    I’m sure learning about China was fascinating.

    What was your’re thoughts about it, Year 2.

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